Akabar Luxury Desert Camp

We offer luxury accommodation at the edge of Erg Chebbi dunes.

Spend amazing night in luxury tents !

Unique experience in Merzouga ....

Travel to Sahara desert

and experience amazing stay near sand dunes.

Luxury tents ideal for your holiday

Take your kids and spend amazing vacation in Morocco.

We offer desert activities

including camel trekking and 4x4 excursions.

Traditional cuisine

Enjoy your stay with tasty meals in our luxury camp...

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The Akabar Luxury Desert Camp is located in the middle of the desert. It is easily reachable during the private tour from Marrakech, Fes , Casablanca or Tangier in direction to Merzouga ... Have an amazing stay with camel trek in luxury tents with traditional dinner...

Phone: / WhatsApp: +212 662 19 12 50 , +212 666 44 93 68  Email reservations: auberge-akabar@hotmail.fr

At Akabar Luxury Desert Camp we invite you to spend few nights in Erg Chebbi luxury Sahara desert camp with our experienced Berber team to have amazing holiday including desert activities and tasty meals in our restaurant.

Phone and WhatsApp: +212 662 19 12 50  Email reservations: auberge-akabar@hotmail.fr

Akabar Luxury Desert Camp

* Address :

centre Merzouga 1km

Merzouga , 52202


* Phone and WhatsApp:

+212 662 19 12 50

+212 666 44 93 68

* Email:


Please contact us to calculate full desert stay costs as a package including camel trekking, dinner and breakfast and to check the availability for your selected dates in Merzouga Luxury camp.

To make a reservation , select a number of persons and let us know the date you want stay in Akabar Luxury Desert Camp in Merzouga dunes. We will discuss all details with you and as we have many years of experience, we can help you arrange best way how to discover Merzouga and Morocco ....

Contact us In Akabar Luxury camp in Merzouga

Excursions and Desert Activities In Merzouga

Merzouga adventure camel trek for 1,2 or more nights in luxury desert camp

Akabar Camp

In Erg Chebbi Desert

Camel Trekking

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4x4 Erg Chebbi desert excursion - Merzouga off road day trip

Akabar Camp

Excursion in Sahara

4x4 Merzouga

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Merzouga Berber cooking - Sahara desert cuisine - Berber meals class

Akabar Camp

In Sahara , Merzouga

Berber Cooking

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Camel Trekking available every day to reach our luxury desert tents...

Merzouga sandboarding - adventure Erg Chebbi excursions

Akabar Camp

Available Every Day


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Merzouga ancient therapy - Merzouga sand-bath

Akabar Camp

Activity in Summer

Sand Bath

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Merzouga quad excursion - Erg Chebbi buggy adventure excursion

Akabar Camp

Desert Activity

Quad / Buggy

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